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What is Dry cleaning?
Dry cleaning is used on delicate fabrics and other fabrics which cannot be washed with water. Dry cleaning is a process by which a solvent is used to treat clothing without affecting the shape, color or texture of the fabric material. This solvent is in a liquid form however, it does not penetrate the fabric the way water does.

How do I help keep my clothes cleaner?
You should bring in your clothes for dry cleaning as soon as possible after staining occurs. It is best not to pre-treat the stain yourself as other general spot cleaning agents could harm the fabric and set in the stain permanently. You should discuss any stains with your dry cleaner.

Also, avoid ironing stained clothing as the heat can set in a stain permanently.

Can a Drycleaner get out an iron mark?
If there is an iron mark on the fabric, unfortunately there is no possible way of reviving your garment as it is an actual burn to the fabric.

Tip: Avoid burn marks on your clothes by ironing inside out.

How come the stains haven’t been removed?
There are a few instances in which stains may be permanent:

  • Stains have been treated prior to coming to Townline drycleaners.
  • The stains has been set in the fabric for a long period of time.
  • Certain types of inks, dyes are set permanent in the fabric.

In the event that the stain has not been removed, you will find a notification tag on the item to let you know that the stain has not been overlooked.

What does a Hand pressed shirt mean?
While all shirts are finished by hand, a hand pressed shirt requires special care since it cannot be pressed on our shirt pressing equipment.