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Let Us Clean, Preserve or Restore your Wedding Dress

The cleaning of wedding dresses is highly specialized. Typically your gown should be cleaned and preserved immediately after the wedding, so that stains do not become permanent.

When you bring your dress into Townline Drycleaners,  we carefully examine the dress and ask you to point out any stains, spots or tears that may need attention.

The dress is pre-spotted manually and beading and sequence is carefully protected or removed before the cleaning processes. Once it has been cleaned, the dress is then re-inspected for any spots or soils that may have been missed. Your wedding dress is then carefully steam pressed and every layer is inspected for perfection.

If you choose to have your gown archived in a box, we will call you to inspect the gown before we seal it.  Each gown is layered with acid-free tissue and sealed in an air-tight archival wedding box to preserve its original color and form.  In addition, each archival box has a window for viewing the dress.